About this site

The purpose of this site is to give our reviewers a platform to showcase their discoveries and recommendations of new music and new artists in many musical genres including mainly indie rock, indie pop and others.

This is done via embedded Spotify playlists, with commentary and insights into why we think these indie music bands or artists are worth listening to.

Our reviewers are not locked into appreciating only one style of music, and we will be covering indie folk, lo fi indie, alternative indie bands, indie female singers, and indie love songs. We may also spice things up with some classics which have influenced the modern indie bands!

Each playlist will introduce artists you may not know, along with other modern musicians who are already breaking (see our ranking system) and older, influential artists. Entering the new roaring twenties we will have a 60 year heritage of wonderful popular music which of course we will be dipping into.

If you find an indie band or indie artist you like you can follow up on Spotify or through the links to the official pages we recommend, if they exist, or a Youtube page or similar.

We don’t tend to focus on or feature artists who are already well known and who get massive media coverage, like Adele, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift. Our purpose is to introduce our audience to new artists and new music. Some of this new music is far more interesting and engaging than the diet from the pop charts, much of which is created in the same standard way by the same songwriters. We don't like autotuned songs, though some might slip through if we were all tired that day. We tend not to feature songs with 'ft' in the title, sorry.

We will hope to answer questions like 'What is some good modern music?' and 'How to find music you like?' and 'What is the best new indie music?' and 'What is the best way to find new music?'

Through our music recommendations and suggestions we will help you to discover new music, and we also suggest you support the artists you like buy buying the tracks and albums you like (most MP3s are under a dollar on Amazon) and attending their concerts. There is probably more good music available today than at any time in history, but many bands need your support to make a living, since traditional music stores are now rare. Help them to carry on!  We also always link to the main external page or pages for the artist ot band, so you can follow up and support their music.