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We are a group of four indie music reviewers, who have a mission to search out and expose the best independent musicians and their music. Each week or so we will publish reviews of the new music and new artists who bring joy to our lives. 

Just as the music and the artists we talk about are independent, so are we - all we care bout is the quality of the music we bring to you.

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Our Reviews

Poetry's a crime - Snowblink, Jensens, Honey Harper, Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear, more ...

Where do you want to go today? - The Sound of Money, Korey Dane, Say Hi, Pale Seas, Ali Barter ...

Hey man I heard about your new job - Verge Collection, Sidney Gish, Features, Matthew Logan Vasquez ...

Are you ready to go?  - Ruen Brothers, Popguns, Sarah Jaffe, Jason Collett, Pale Lights ...


Our Featured Reviews

On My Mind

Trevor Sensor, Tristen, Cairo Gang, Outdoor Type and more.

Better Than Before

Justin Dean Thomas, Chitra, Small Feet, Chastity Brown, Deep Sea Arcade, and others.

Mostly All the Time

Jackie Cohen, Delta Spirit, Delicate Steve, Quivers, Liz Lawrence, and other excellent artists.

I'm the kind of girl

Apo and the Apostles, Taylor Hollingsworth, Kye Craft, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, more.