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The music

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The discussion

(Transcribed and shortened from a recording of our latest round table session.)

Hi everyone, we have some great music to explore today, and here is the list.

  • Pale Seas – Someday (Everything Everything Remix)

  • Crybaby – True Love Will Find You in the End

  • Korey Dane – Promises to the Dark

  • Say Hi – Dreaming the Day Away

  • The Sound of Money – Tiger T. – Death Happens to a Few

  • Ali Barter – Please Stay

We also have a couple of classic songs.

  • Patti Smith – Free money

  • The Smiths – You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby

Let’s start with you,  RP.

Make it Stop

RP: Someday (Everything Everything Remix) by Pale Seas is a really interesting song, with an OK original version, then a remix with Everything Everything which transforms the performance while retaining the great signature guitar melody - and adding a pumping bass line and vocoded vocals and making the track longer. I much prefer the remix which is much more interesting and has more instrumental variety, though Spotify ranks the original higher.

Only if you’re looking can it find you

QD: The work of Englishman Danny Coughlan and his band Crybaby, ‘True Love Will Find You in the End’ swings along merrily, with a great ringing guitar chorus and an encouraging message, if you can believe it. Just a happy sing-along. The 1990 original was written by singer/songwriter Daniel Johnston and performed in a much simpler style with only voice and guitar, if people want to check him out too. I think this is a rare case where the cover version is an improvement on the original.

ED: MB, what do you have today?

Gotta let the bums all beg

MB: I’ll introduce a male artist for a change! Listen to Korey Dane’s song ‘Promises to the Dark’ a few times and it really will get to you. From his latest album ‘The Big Undone’ this is a carefully crafted and multi-layered song with an understated tone and multiple lines of melody, if you listen closely. Wonderful.

Wake up!

RP: Seattle man Eric Elbogen’s band (if it is one) called Say Hi has reached their 12th album release, but are still not well enough known for the level of their talent. I’ve chosen on of the more accessible songs, ‘Dreaming the Day Away’, from 2018’s album Caterpillar Centipede. It’s a joy to listen to how the song builds and more instruments are added to the multitracked lead vocal and the power of the song grows. This is not even one of the most listened to Say Hi songs either. In a genre some call ‘indie-pop’ but really in a class of its own.

Where do you want to go today?

QD: OK, time to make things more jolly with this quirky band called The Sound of Money from Munich, Germany, who haven’t even reached 6,000 monthly listens on Spotify, but deserve a big audience. In choosing one of their songs it was a toss-up between ‘I had 1680 wives’, which is just as good as you might guess, and this song ‘Tiger T. – Death Happens to a Few’. Is that a zither in the intro and all through? They sing in perfect English of course, and have a real hook for the chorus. You think the song stops at 3.30, but no, in comes to the chorus again, so you can sing along.

Ed: MB, do you have another?

I never mean to take my bad day out on you

MB: Australian singer Ali Barter has just broken through to over 100,000 listens a month (level 6 in our rating system) and this is not a surprise given her ability to write and perform superior pop songs with some bite such as this one - ‘Please Stay’ from 2017. She makes the most of her voice, and like many of her songs, this one stays in your head. Check out another great song ‘Girlie Bits’ too.

Ed: We’ve been talking about what artists from the past that fit into the indie/rock/punk tradition we return to again and again, and we’ve come up with a couple of recommendations from PJ, who has not had a turn yet. They are absolute classics. PJ?

I’ll buy you a jet plane, babe

PJ: Well, I’ve always loved Patti Smith since I discovered her early stuff and I’ve chosen my favorite song of hers, ‘Free Money’ from 1975. All the power and passion and lust for riches of rock’n’roll is in this song. Just listen to the opening piano work of Richard Sohl and then let her voice and the song carry you off.

All I wanted from life was to be famous

PJ: And I’ve always liked The Smiths from England, and here is my favorite song of theirs, ‘You just haven’t earned it yet’, where the voice of Morrissey and the chiming guitar of Johnny Marr are at their absolute peak. You understand from this song alone why they were so big. Still sends shivers down my spine.

Ed: What a memory, thanks!

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